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Welcome to the
Village of Chebanse!

When moving into a new community, we are sure there are questions you may have

We’ve listed pertinent information about our Village. Please feel free to call the Village Office with questions at any time. We are here to serve you.

  • Utilities

    Electric – Ameren CIPS (888) 789-2477

    Gas – Nicor Gas (888) 642-6748

    Phone – Frontier (800) 483-4000

    Water / Sewer / Garbage – Village of Chebase – (815) 697-2214

  • Garbage Pick Up

    Each Tuesday except Holidays. Service will run a day late due to Holidays.
    Christmas, New Years, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, or Thanksgiving.

    A & J Disposal is contracted with the Village for garbage pick up and they have provided 90 gallon garbage totes for your use.

  • Leaf Bags

    Leaf bags are available at the Village Office.

    Bags are picked up by Kankakee Sanitary, A & J Disposal each Wednesday from April through the end of November.

    Only Kanakee Sanitary Bags may be used for pick up.

    Cost per bag is $2.00.

  • Burning

    Burning is allowed in the Village on the 1st and 3rd full Friday and Saturday of each month.

    Burning is not allowed on Village streets, easements, or property.

  • Tree Brush / Limbs

    The maintenance department periodically picks up tree brush/limbs throughout the Village if it is properly set out in front of your home. No material may be over 8ft in length of 12 inches in diameter.

    No stumps, roots, grass clippings, boards, fence posts, landscape timbers, railroad ties, or construction materials are permitted.

    Material should be piled in one direction, parallel with the street and away from obstructions such as fences, mailboxes, poles and parked vehicles. Any trees removed by a contractor are the responsibility of the contractor to remove.

  • Recycling

    A new recycling cart program started the first part of May, 2014.

    Attached is an informational sheet regarding the recycling program.

  • Board Information

    Listing of board members and contact information.

    • Village President – Jason Mathy – 815 383 3162
    • Village Cleark / Treasurer – Julie Pasel – 815 697 2214
    • Village Trustees –
      • Adam Beherns – (815) 697-8004 (Finance, Streets, Water/ Sewer)
      • Darrin Kohler – (815) 697-2730 (Water/Sewer, Building, Finance)
      • Nichole Randles – (815) 791-1112 (Water/Sewer, Ordinance, Planning)
      • Jennifer Odle – (815) 793-1517 (Planning, Streets/Alley, Finance)
      • Todd Perzee – (815) 697-8049 (Building, Finance, Planning)
      • Phil Snyder – (815) 697-8038 (Streets, Building, Police)
    • Village Maintenance – James Smith – (815) 697 2233
    • Building Inspector – James Smith – (815) 697 2233
    • Water Maintenance – Mark Swinford – (815) 697-2209