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The Chebanse Recreation Center

New Members

The family membership fee for new members is $100. Return new memberships by May 25th.
Anyone wishing to join and has not received an application you may call Jill Love at (815) 697-2652 and an application will be mailed. Applications are also available at the gatehouse beginning Memorial Day weekend.
All applications for membership must be signed. Failure to do so will delay your membership.
Please call Jill Love you have any questions about your membership.


Renewals for current members are $90.

Rules & Regulations

  1. Your membership card must be shown to the attendant at the park entrance.
  2. No children under the age of 17 will be permitted to enter the park unless accompanied by an adult.
  3. No intoxicating liquors of any kind allowed in the park. Persons under the influence of alcohol or exhibiting erratic behavior will not be admitted.
  4. Littering is prohibited. No food, drink, gun Or tobacco is allowed in the water.
  5. NO INFLATABLE or FLOTATION devices of any kind are allowed in the water or on property.
  6. Park facilities and equipment are not to be misused or damaged in any way.
  7. Profane and/or abusive language is prohibited.
  8. No pets allowed in the park.
  9. No glass containers are allowed on the beach.
  10. No firearms or fireworks are allowed in the park.
  11. Opening and closing hours are set by the Board of Directors and must be observed by all members.
  12. The gatekeeper may close the park due to weather conditions. No one is allowed in the water during the lightening.
  13. Non-Swimmers must stay within the roped off area. No one should swim alone.
  14. Swimming water is not for drinking.
  15. No chairs or lounges are permitted in the roped off area.
  16. Hazardous horse-Play is prohibited. Pushing, Shoving or throwing others off the raft or diving board will not
    be allowed. Conduct within the park must be that safety is not jeopardized.
  17. Vehicles are restricted to the parking lot area.
  18. There is no lifeguard on duty at any time. All persons entering the park will assume responsibility for their
    Safety and that of family members and guests.
  19. Members, guests and family members will assume liability for loss of personal property and/or any personal injury incurred while on park property or in the parking area.
  20. All guest must be signed in by a member 18 years or older. Minors cannot sign in guests.
  21. Fishing off the raft or diving board is prohibited.
  22. Persons having any contagious disease, infectious conditions, open wounds or sores, excessive sunburn or any
    kind of bandages will be refused admittance.
  23. All infants must wear a tight fitting plastic or rubber pants.
  24. Diving in shallow water is not permitted.
  25. Members bringing in guests are responsible to communicate the above rules and see that they are followed・
  26. Violators of the above rules will automatically forfeit their dues and membership and will be barred from the
  27. Anyone found in the park after dark will be prosecuted. If they are members, membership will be revoked and all fees forfeited. The park is patrolled by State, County and local officers.
  28. These rules will be enforced by the Board of Directors and all gatekeepers.

Thank you for you co-operation and respect for the safety and enjoyment of other members.


P.0. Box 481

Chebanse, lL 60922


Jill Lovell – 815-697-2068

815 697 2068


The Pavilion is available for rental by members.

Up to 25 People – $60

Up to 50 People – $110

Reservations must be made in advance. First-come-first-served basis. Everyone must sign in at the gatehouse. The member bringing in guests is assuming liability for his guests and must see that all park rules are followed.



Members may bring in guests for only $5 a day per person. See Rules and Regs for related policy.