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Street Micro-Surfacing May 2nd – May 10th

Your street is scheduled for Micro-Surfacing on MAY 2nd-10th, 2022

All vehicles must be off the street and out of driveways by 8:00AM.

MICRO-SURFACING is designed for preserving the existing pavement. Materials are mixed with specialized equipment producing a wet slurry that is extruded onto the road surface. After placement, the mixture cures forming a dense wearing surface able to withstand normal traffic conditions. Micro-Surfacing is necessary to protect the integrity of the road surface and increase the life of the pavement. In addition, it seals against moisture intrusion and improves skid resistance. Micro-Surfacing is a fast and economical way of providing a wearing surface that is considered a greener solution. Your community now joins many others who are preserving their roads with an environmentally friendly product while creating a safer road. For more information about Micro-Surfacing please visit: www.slurry.org.

HOW LONG? Weather permitting, we will be working on your street at 8:00AM for as long as it takes to apply the surface and allow it to cure. During this time you will not have access to your driveway from the street. When the barricades are removed later in the day, you can again use your driveways.


What if there is an emergency (fire, police, ambulance)?
Your local government agency will be informed of all road construction. In the event of any emergency, the responders will always be able to gain access to your street and home.

What about garbage pick-up?
If this is your garbage pick-up day, it will be picked up early in the morning.

What time will the work be performed?
Normal working hours begin at 8:00AM. The crew will schedule several streets to be completed each day and while some streets will be completed earlier in the morning, others will be done later that afternoon. Your street will reopen the same day.

What about school busing?
We allow the buses to complete their morning pick-up route before closing any street. Every effort will be made to open streets as soon as possible throughout the afternoon to again accommodate the school buses. Please realize that mid-day and afternoon buses will be affected by the street closures.

What if it rains?
If the rain threat is severe enough the work will be delayed and/or rescheduled.

Can I park on my street?
No. If your vehicle is left on the street it will be towed. Your vehicle needs to either remain in your driveway or be parked on an adjacent street that is not scheduled to be worked on, and is not posted with “No Parking” signs.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Feel free to contact the Village with any questions.
We are here for you!

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