Boil Order July 12

Maintenance will be repairing a broken water main valve on Wednesday, July 14th.  Water will be shut down around 10am.  There will be a boil order starting at 10 am Wednesday, July 14th until 10 am Friday, July 16th.

If the water is found to be unacceptable after laboratory results, you will be notified once again and the boil order will be continued until the water is found to be of good quality.  All water used for cooking and drinking must be boiled for a minimum of 5 minutes prior to use.  The water may be slightly discolored during this time.  It is advised to not wash white clothes until it has cleared up.

Depending on excavation time and conditions to make the necessary repairs, we cannot say how long the water in the area will be off.  Please contact the Village of Chebanse Clerk’s office with any further questions regarding this issue.

Thank you!

Village of Chebanse Clerk’s Office –

Office Phone – (815) 697-2214


Feel free to contact the Village with any questions.
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